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Default Re: Bands you're embarrased to say you like...

Originally Posted by percusmann View Post
Whitesnake. I hang my head in shame.
I've never been much into them, but they've had some great drummers in and out of that band. Watching Tommy Aldridge with them was amazing.

Originally Posted by shadowlorde View Post

my guilty pleasure is the scorpions ... and queensryche ...
When I was 20-21, my goal in life was to be in a band like Queensryche. I loved them. As did most drummers at the time.

Scorpions? Who doesn't at least kind of like them. Sure, they have some cheesy stuff, but it's fun cheese.

Originally Posted by sticks4drums View Post
Evanescence, I love the piano, OK. Scorpians, Just straight ahead fun stuff.
I used to like Evanescence when they first came out. But the I slowly discovered many other bands who had that same sound, but were 100x times better, like Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Leaves Eye, and Sirenia among others. Plus that 2nd Evanescence blew. It was way over produced, to the point it sounded like a Britney Spears album just with metal guitars on it.

Originally Posted by Muckster View Post
MaryO gave me the courage to admit it.........i like ABBA...."becuase it's true i do, i do, i do, i do, i do."
I don't care for Abba, but do you know who loves them? Terry Bozzio. So at least you're in good company.
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