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Default Re: Mathcore, Jazzcore and Prog Metal fans check this out....

Originally Posted by shadowlorde View Post
wow .... they sound trendy

.. there's nothing wrong with screaming in the right context .. but it's so overused now .. and it almost seems like everyone's scream sounds exactly the same .. autotuned screams? what happened to every screamer having their own sound .. glen benten, chuck shouldnier, dani filth, morbid angel ...

and the god f'in damn breakdowns .. nothing like suddenly breaking the flow of the song to play a 40bpm chuggy rhythm just like everyone else does

on a good note :48 reminded me of atheist a bit .. something from elements..

actually after listening through it ... kinda reminds me of a half-assed modern trendy ripoff of atheist
I agree with you. Breakdowns are overused.
Mapex, Sabian, Vic Firth.
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