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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

While Virgil is generally my favourite by far, I must say Mike or Marco really stood out judging
only from these videos, and I think they fit the band best.

It's also very interesting to see how different great drummers approach the same material,
and how they actually come across very differently. It's even very inspirational for my personal
"musical life".

I had to laugh when Virgil came up with a different part, that really shows his work ethic.
I must say, I believe Virgil knew what he was doing, and I suspect he wasn't that keen on
getting into DT, as i.e. Mike is (and seems to be the most of all so far). He just wanted to
have some fun - and it's only a little part we see of all the song minutes they've played.
Plus he's known the band members, and I think they kind of knew what to expect, too. :)

All in all, Mike seems to "deserve" it more than Marco, as he'd obviously love to be in the band.
Mike P was a charismatic and energetic musician and person, and so is Mike M. Plus they could
carry on calling their drummer "Mike", haha.
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