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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

These guys are all drummer's drummers. In other words, I love all of them. I was watching a Roddy solo yesterday and blown away, inspired by the clarity and intensity. I saw the most killer Wildoer video- Check out at around 5...Are those doubles on the bass drum and pretty much doubles on the hi-hat? Nuts. Marco Minneman is such a great player, and so freakin' versatile and fun. And my money is on Mangini, just because he seems Portnoy-ish, but more technical. Donati really is from Mars and would take Dt's musicianship to a whole new level. Lang is killer...

all these guys are fantastic- I view the videos, past the reality show aspect, as a celebration of drumming and artistry! DT knows the drummers selected all masters of their craft. Like Roddy said- it's about doin' the DT thing. For that, I'd say it's Mangini. The vibe the dude gives off is very Mike-ish...Watching so many incredible talents approach the music is really inspiring and thrilling for me. Makes me want to make some noise of my own.
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