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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Just watched part 2.

Even before they said it, it seemed like it was coming down to Mangini or Marco. Dream Theater are a powerful band live, and they realize a show is a show, and those two were the ones who brought the power to the show. The standing up, the big arm movements, stick twirls, the big smiles; those are all aspects of the live act, and Mangingi and Marco were the only two who seemed to tap into that aspect.

It's pretty obvious any of them could do the gig. Any one of them is more than capable of playing all the songs, and writing a new album. It's not coming down to ability, or even personality, it's who gives that little extra spark. It's like a NASCAR race where the winner is determined in terms of 1/100th of a second increments.

When it was announced Portnoy left, I commented at the time I thought Virgil came from too much of a fusion back ground to get the gig. Although I didn't know he had been in a Dream Theater cover band. But based on the comments on the video, I still appear to be right, given they flat out said it's between Mangini and Marco so far.

The other thing I noticed is Mike Mangini is the only who said "I want to be IN this band" Everyone else discussed how "it would be cool to be in A band" "it would be nice to have a home" "I could see myself being in this band". Mike's desire to be IN Dream Theater specifically seems to be giving him an edge.

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