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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by Wildoer View Post
Next video, Episode 2, will be up today (Wednesday) at 11 A.M. EST (Eastern Time USA). Most likely Episode 3 will be up on Friday at 11 A.M. Hope you'll tune in then too because that's when I'm in it. ;-)

2 hours and 35 minutes until Episode 2. CAN'T WAIT!!!

For sure man! Looking forward to see your episode on friday. Its really something to have the privilege of having you and derek being here to talk about this as we watch it. Kinda surrreal. I have been a fan of DT for over 15 years now, so the fact that you, derek and the other 5 candidates are in this audition makes you all my heroes!

Ok, now where is the second video on youtube? Shouldn't it be up by now? crap, have to go to work.
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