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Default Re: Singers and their equipment

I view the PA system as a communal ownership. In how many bands do just one person sing all the music? As a minimum, there is usually other members singing backing vocals.

If the singer has a special mic setup, then that is their responsibility. They may also have a wireless system, which would be on them.

I play drums and sing about 1/4 of the songs, so I bought my own headset mic and cables, but the band already had the PA system.

My bands may be a bad example, since there is no single lead singer. We all play instruments and sing leads/backing as well. The guy with the least amount of setup is the keyboard player, so he helps others setup and takedown. We try to split the efforts as evenly as possible so we can get setup and taken down as efficiently as possible.

Many times when a singer joins a band, they are replacing someone else that was using equipment the band already had (potentially sans a mic).
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