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Default Re: Singers and their equipment

So really what you're saying is that the only thing the singer should be paying for completely out of their pocket is the mic?

I think I must be getting a bit confused with what the PA actually is and what plugs into it. All the guitarists have massive amps so I assume they would not plug into it and we will not be micing up the kit as that would make it to loud for the places we are playing (pub cover band, lot of laws on noise levels etc). So the only thing that would plug into it is mics right?

Now I have always thought (and I could be wrong very easily) that the PA was just the mixing deck really where you adjust levels on the mics. As well as buying the PA you would need to buy big speakers so the audience will hear the vocals.

So is that right or am I missing something here? Heh did not quite realise the giant gap in my knowledge here. The place we practice has a PA and speaker system that we use and I never really have any dealings with it. Whilst I'm setting up my drum kit someone else will sort out the PA.
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