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Default Re: Singers and their equipment

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
Hmm...I think I disagree with you here. The way I look at it, a mic is to a singer like a mic is to a drummer--used to amplify the sound when necessary. It just happens that it's more often necessary for a singer to need a mic than a drummer. I classify mics as part of the PA, not as part of a musician's personal gear that they haul. But, that's just me...
Yep....we've offically created a minefield here Caddy and I'm not sure there is an actual right or wrong answer....only my expectations for the people I play with, I guess.

I will crawl out on a limb and say that even at acoustic gigs, I've never seen a singer without a mic. They use 'em at every gig....even the small ones and therefore I'd still argue the "tool of the trade" line. Admittedly, it doesn't address the wider problem of the PA to plug said mic in to though. May have to retreat with my tail between my legs on the broader issue and just leave it as: if you're gonna sing with one of my bands......bring your bloody mic. ;-)
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