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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by moontheloon View Post
yeah Dream Theater would be hard for me to choose if it was between them and a swift kick in the balls........just dont dig them.....

but Mangini just came off like a great guy in that vid.....and I cant wait to see what Virgil does behind them....

I was lucky enough to study with Virgil briefly in LA in the late 90s.......the dude is super human......

Im kinda pulling for Mike though
Ya, Virgil is amazing and it really would be great to see how he approaches the audition.

@Sticks4drums - MP is great drummer, no doubt, but he doesn't ring my bell, thats all. I do have a great appreciation for what he does though... Its like some art , it looks better on someone else's wall, not on yours.


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