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Default Re: Singers and their equipment

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Nope......In my experience, we've each had to carry our own cross. The band may chip in for PA's, mic's, rehearsal space and other 'communal' gear, but I've never been asked to put my hand in my pocket to fund one lowly SM58 because the singer can't be arsed.
So...which is it? Are the microphones part of the "communal" PA, or does each person have to pitch in for all of the mics? Why would the singer have to pay for their own mic if the drum set mics are paid for by the band fund? Or rather, it doesn't seem fair that the drummer would have to pay for ALL of their mics, if the singer only has to pay for ONE. (I'm not picking on you, PFOG, just speaking to the general topic...)

In my experience, the PA is owned by one person--usually the person in charge of the band, but sometimes by one of the band members. Whoever owns the PA gets a "rental" cut of the paycheck, since they have to bring so much extra gear for use by the entire band. Often times, that's me! :D
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