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Default Re: First car advice

I'm 17, got my license last March, got a car my neighbor sold me for $100.00 Toyota Tercel, 1992. He bought it used, and a guy bought used before that, it's a 4 gear standard, runs good, he put $5,000 of work on it couple years ago, new engine, and tires, and such. Only thing that doesn't work that well is the defroster, let it run for a bit and it does. Funny to, cause it's only a two door, but some how I manage to fit my drum kit in their for concerts. Only safe seat left is drivers, pain cause during shifting my elbow kept hitting the bass drum, also I don't have a job, my parents pay for insurance, love them for the stuff they give (most of the time something I want like a computer, new cymbals, I have to pay half)
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