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Originally Posted by daredrummer View Post
Yeah there were definitely some big ones I left out, but that was just a brief timeline.

My personal favorites from some of the older FPS's are Doom III, Quake III, Half Life, Team Fortress, Perfect Dark, and Metroid Prime (my all time fav).

I never had any type of play station, so I didn't really get into timespiltters unfortunately. I never really got into the Halo series either... Don't know why, it just didn't appeal to me as much as some of the other ones.
I never really considered Metroid Prime a shooter, it had a different ascetic then most shooters, it was more of an adventure action game like Zelda.

It certainly didn't start out life as a shooter, it was a 2d platform game that got made into 3d. I suppose the same could be said about Duke Nukem.

The prime series is great, I always loved Metroid back on the SNES and the original Gameboy, Corruption is hands down one of the best games on the Wii, I should replay it one of these days, it has been a few years since I gave it a run through.
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