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Default Re: Singers and their equipment

Originally Posted by ourlorderic View Post

Is it normal practice for the musicians to pay for the singers equipment?
Nope. But, "normal practice" isn't really any better: usually someone in the band has a PA that everyone uses, including a mic and stand for the singer. As a band, you need to figure out your PA situation, and the finances, storage, hauling, and maintenance issues that revolve around that.

Singers are used to showing up to venues, not having to carry anything with them. Why should joining your band be any different? When deciding what cut to give them, keep in mind what they do in the band, as far as schlepping gear, marketing/booking/managing, etc. If they simply show up 5 minutes before downbeat, sing their parts, and promptly leave (or worse yet, stand around while the rest of the band does all of the work), pay them accordingly...
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