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Default Singers and their equipment

I never thought finding one would be this hard! Is it actually like this normally or am I just having a bit of bad luck? The only singers I can seem to find are teenage girls whose family and friends have told her she can sing and has no idea about about how much a singer has to actually do, practice and has no intention of buying equipment.

This is all that is seemingly out there. A couple of band members have suggested that we just buy the PA and speakers between us so we can find a singer easier but really I think that is a bit unfair. The guitarists are spending a LOT of money on amps and guitars and I'm buying new cymbals all the time and currently saving for a new Kit. We have all spent a lot of money on our instruments and I really don't see why I should pay for someone else's on top of that.

Is it common practice to buy the singer their stuff? I mean I can understand chipping in on a PA and I would have no qualms about buying a few wedges so I can hear everyone but really anything else is taking this a bit far isn't it? I'm spending over 100 on just a Mic so I can do backing, surly the lead singer should buy their stuff.

Who try's to join a band and not have any equipment? It's ridiculous! If a Drummer or guitarist turned up with no instrument they would be laughed out of the room.

Sorry for the rant. So really the question is:

Is it normal practice for the musicians to pay for the singers equipment?

If the answer is yes, how do I convince my bassist to buy me a new Ride Cymbal? :D
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