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Not really a gamer. My Xbox sits gathering dust all day, and I'm 15. Which is highly unusual, especially in heart attack capital of Europe "Scotland".

But when I do play it, usually a game which involves zombies or a free-roam do whatever game like GTA or Saints Row. Abit violent for my age yes, but my parents don't believe in Video Games Promote Violence as do I, I'm abit of a pascifist. But video games aren't real.

I used to play Rock Band which NEVER led to me playing drums, but it helped my timing somehow. I only played it when I was really bored, but I'd never learn a drum track from it. Wasn't accurate.
But it was pretty fun, got pretty decent scores about 90% on most songs too, but real drums... That's where life is put to the test and then you have like 200 people going crazy on the dance floor as you play F*** You by Cee Lo. Video Games, that doesn't happen. :)
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