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Default Re: Show your wood

Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
Loving those drums and wood hoops Guru. What is the dark wood?
Not loving your Guru name badges though, sorry, but it kind of reminds me of what the car dealers used to make to plaster their dealer name on everyones car. You are making some really classy looking drums, the name badge is taking away from that.
Take no notice of him Dean, uniongoon obviously has no taste, I mean, c'mon, he doesn't even like shagpile carpet, lol!

I like the Guru badge. Classy, uncluttered & timeless. Understated, yes, but isn't that always where you find quality lying beneath?

Anyhow, everything has it's place. Give the lady in your life the choice of 6" deep shagpile or modern laminate for her bedroom floor. If she choses laminate, she's already given up on your adventurous side (wink!).
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