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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
And like Matt Smith said, the focus and intensity is insane.

That is a million times better video than the shorter American Idol wanna-be video that was posted on the bands Facebook last Thursday.
I agree. I really didn't like the teaser trailer thing. It was just too cheesy for my comfort level. But then again, I never watch TV and anytime I'm near one that is on, I'm always surprised by how awful it is.

But after watching that first episode, I can't help but to recognize the brilliance of the strategy. It hypes the band prior to a big tour and helps breath new life into them; it hypes the drummers involved by really highlighting how epically great they are; and as Polly pointed out, demonstrates, with few exceptions, that no one is irreplaceable.

It almost reminds me of when Jon Theodore got kicked out of TMV and everyone, including me, was like, "Aw man, what'd they go and do that for?" But then Thomas Pridgen shows up and it was like, "Oh yeah! They're back in business!"

Anyway, I'm hooked and looking forward to the next installment. Now I just wish I liked DT!

Mike Mangini is brilliant!
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