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Default Re: Show your wood

Thanks for the wood run down Guru, and the steam bent/stave opinion. I am curious on the stave construction, thinking of giving one a try.

The Fiddle Sycamore caught my eye. I recently rescued an unloved 6 1/2" maple snare shell. I found some nice wood veneer but seem to be getting conflicting reports of what the wood is. The place I bought it from said Flame Birch, I had my doubts, another wood supplier said it was african Abigne. (EDIT). I saw his site with a picture of abigne and yes it looked just like this but it had more dark tint like a cedar. Now I see your wood shells and the fiddle sycamore looks alot like this, what do you think?

With a light ipswich pine stain and clear, before polishing

And done

EDIT: Sorry for the stain, just trying to get an answer from guru who seems to know way more about wood than me, and hey there is non stain here too lol.
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