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You know, with this BEING MUSICAL thing... I think that it comes from the fact that most of people connect music with sound other than "flap", and that's how Joeys set sound. 127 drums, and every single one of them sounding the same way. I don't want it to look like criticising his playing. It's just about the fact, that generally kits used to play more subtle music, generate a sound which is more pleasant to hear. It's biological, it's organic. Even if you don't like jazz, your ears like it :). And if being musical is about soul, well... I think we should ask some native Ethiopian what does he think about Joey. He probably would know much more about soul than every single one of us. And let's be honest. A jazz player can play being 60, 70, 80 years old. There's no chance Joey would survive that long playing Slipknot-style music.
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