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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

That video is like Top American Prog Metal Drummers Idol :) Mike M's intensity is another universe to the typical laid back Type B jellyfish world I live in. The closest I've seen to this is when they hire executives at work. I try to avoid contact with our execs like the plague and whenever I get hoiked into a meeting with one I'm like "Oh no, I want a peaceful life" haha.

It's hard to imagine the final choice making much of a difference in the end. Whatever happens, one killer player will replace another. Any of those guys would do a great job. The standard Mike M set for starters was amazing - being able to walk into complex arrangements like that and nail them. As one of the guys said, they could have walked into a stadium with him with no rehearsal.

Funny how things go ... one minute they're all serious and lamenting the loss of Mike P. Next minute they're all excited and smiling. No one's irreplaceable - except Moonie :)
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