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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
A lot of my wow titles were from previous generations with different standards, for it's day the original Half Life and particularly Deus Ex which followed it were mind blowing.

Given the scope, length and depth of the story I'd have to say Baldur's gate as well.

Not to mention Castlevania Symphony of the night, to date that game still mind boggles me.

Current generation, though it is far from the best, Killzone 3 is a technical marvel, if you're looking for the very best of cutting edge graphics, that is it. God of War 3 is similarly incredible, though I'm not a huge God of War fan.

Minecraft continually startles me, I saw recently that a guy managed to build a computer in the game with ram that did division. I had to stop and think about that one for a while.
Haha yeah i think I saw that too.

Yeah if you're talking about games that layed the foundation for future games, I've got to include Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia For N64 of time on my list, that game pretty much set the scene for all future action/adventure and adventure games. And it's still probably better than 80% of the games made.

Also, heres a little info about the beginning of FPS's, my personal favorite genre.

The first FPS that actually recieved positive attention was Wolfenstein 3D (PC), by id software, in 92, although it still wasn't very popular. Then in 93, id software came out with doom(PC), a very popular game which got many people into FPS's. In 94, Doom II came out, and domark got into the game by releasing bloodshot, on genisis. Then LucasArts introduced Star Wars Dark Forces in 95, and millenium released Defcon 5. By this time doom and wolfenstein had been released on several systems. More and more games came out (descent is one i forgot to mention), and were released on several different systems. Then in 96, id software raised the bar yet again, with Quake. This game is consideres by many to be the birth of the modern FPS. 97 was another big year, with quake II, another star wars release, and powerslave. Nintendo also stepped into the game with Goldeneye 007. 98 was another huge year with big releases like Turok 2, Unreal, Forsaken, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. After titles like Quake, star wars, and goldeneye, people didn't think it could get much better. Man were they wrong. Half Life was released in 98, another amazing FPS. After this it just kept getting better with titles like Unreal tournament, medal of honor, team fortress, quake III Arena, perfect dark, deus ex, and red faction. Halo: Combat Evolved came out in 01 another groundbreaking game. In 02, Timesplitters 2 and battlefield 1942 were released. Then came metroid prime for GameCube, and Call of Duty for PC.
The rest is history.
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