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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
i think the problem with the phrase 'BE MUSICAL' is that what is musical to a jazz drummer isn't always musical to a metal drummer.

Nutha Jason presents a good point: Joey is probably not musical in the same way a jazz drummer is. In terms of metal, he is musical (whatever that means). Joey is pretty good at playing metal, but he simply doesn't match up to anyone who has played metal in the past, like Dave Lombardo. Lombardo developed the style of the drumming in thrash metal; Slipknot has not created a new style; Nu-Metal is basically anything you have heard from the better metal of the 80's mixed with newer elements to appeal to the public. Joey is musical, however, he does nothing special other than excell in playinghis own genre. He does not blend into jazz or other types of drumming, so really, what is so special about him?

- Marc
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