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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by Chaos_Inferno View Post
I understand they're trying to give us a look into the process, but this really is just turning into one giant soap opera... I normally defend Dream Theater and Portnoy for all the crap they get when it comes to them being "dramatic" or "pretentious" or whatever it is, but this really is just getting absolutely ridiculous.

Still... once it hit the actual audition part of the video, it left me satisfied.

I don't see the problem. Mike talks about this in the interview above but the drama is not created by the band but the internet. It is a very straightforward idea. Guy leaves band - band replaces guy, auditions are filmed. Mike has always done a myriad of projects from tribute bands, Liquid Tension Experiment, Transatlantic, Neil Morse albums, he has his foot in a lot of waters. He can't do DT at this time, maybe he's burnt out or just wants to try some other ideas and work with some new people. It's easy to villainize him or the band. But as both Derek and Peter have stated that is just not what is going on. Mike has always been upfront about the fact that although his drumming prowess is idolized by many, it is his many projects that distinguish him.
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