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Default Re: Bands you're embarrased to say you like...

A few more have come to mind after reading all the replies.

Nickelback. People are hard on them a lot, but I think some of their stuff is really good.

Carole King and James Taylor. Generally not a popular band among teenagers my age :p

AFI and Three Days Grace. For the goth in me :p. Although neither of these are really that embarrassing, both of their most recent albums are great.

Lamb of God. Once again not a metal-head, but I think Chris Adler is a beast, and the guitars riffs are awesome too. Listen to the intro for redneck, and you'll know what I mean. Not a fan of the screaming vocals though.

Billy Idol. Once again people are hard on him a lot. I think he's got outstanding talent though.

Fall Out Boy. Most people either like em or hate em. I think lots of their stuff is really good.

The last one is a song by another metal band, In Flames. I only have one song by them, called crawl through knives (not the most pleasant title, i know.). That intro riff, oh man. One of the sickest guitar riffs I've ever heard. Chorus is good too. If you're a fan of awesome guitar riffs, you won't be disappointed.
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