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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

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I can understand to some extent that some people don't like this as they just want to know who the drummer is. But, I do not understand that people get so very upset about it?!

To me, being a huge fan of all the other six drummers I'm looking forward A LOT to see behind the scenes footage, their interpretation of the DT songs and hearing them talk about preparations etc. I'm a drummer nerd and I just love to see drummers perform and talk, especially these amazing guys. So, to me this is all very cool.

Well, that's just me. :-)

My thoughts exactly!!!

I sure hope that they release full version of the auditions. Peter or Derek, can you guys comment on that? Will any off the audition footage be release in its entirety?

I would love, LOVE to see these seven guys jamming to DOE!!!
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