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First of all I want to make it very clear as Derek wrote too, there were NO hidden deals or whatever leading up to the auditions. I (and I guess all the other drummers) was treated impeccable! I was very aware of what was coming and there were no new details at the audition.

Second, I have to agree with you Derek again that my wife and myself laughed hard too after getting sked to do the audition!!! It was just surreal to me, ha ha ha... :-D

To me, coming from Sweden and working a normal daytime job, seeing the list with the other six drummers made me laugh even harder. I mean all the other guys are my idols! The best thing with the auditions is that I got in contact with all these amazing drummers and they are the coolest guys ever. :-)

I've made a long diary in swedish with my thoughts, facts etc. leading up to the auditions that will be published in a swedish drumming magazine soon. I'm working on getting this translated into english asap if anyone are interested.

Cheers and Stay Metal!!!
Peter Wildoer
Man, I wouldn't have laughed, I would have cried! My nerves would have definitely gotten to me...just comes to show that you guys are monsters of drumming. My hat goes off to you, Derek and all the other guys who auditioned.
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