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Default Re: First car advice

I got my first car at 17 in 1984. It was a 1972 4-door Chevy Impala that we bought for $300!. Talk about a tank! Luckily, gas wasn't expensive then and it did the job for me for about a year. Manual windows, can't remember if it had air conditioning and while it did have a radio, no tape player or anything. And yes, I had to pay the insurance on it.

I would have never dreamt of asking my mom for a car at 16...she would have, and should have, laughed in my face if I did. When did kids start expecting a car just because they turned 16? It's not a right, it's a privilege. (See this is why I never had kids, they would hate me!)

If you must have something, find something cheap, somewhat reliable and make sure you check on insurance prices BEFORE you buy. Insurance for a 16 year old male is crazy expensive and any car that even hints at being "sporty", i.e. has sport in the name, has a spoiler, or less than 4 doors, is going to be even more ridiculous...even though it may not look like much.

You have over a year to save so you should be able to come up with something. Just don't forget all the extra costs to figure in, monthly insurance, gas, oil, regular maintenance, possibly tires, etc. There's more to buying a car than just what you have to pay for the car itself.

Good luck! I hope this didn't sound to harsh...just giving you a dose of reality. I really hope you find something if you need it.
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