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Default Re: Your first gig experience.

Originally Posted by BradGunnerSGT View Post
My first gig was when I was 18. Had a garage band with a couple of guys from high school, we knew 3 songs (one was an original), and the singer/guitarist got us a gig playing at a dive bar that his uncle owned way out in BFE. My girlfriend and her friend got all dolled up in little black dresses so we even had groupies. We played our 3 songs, didn't know what to do then, so we played them again, and by the last song someone walked over and turned on the jukebox. :)

We packed it up, and went to a nearby lake, started a bonfire, and sat around the fire and sang some songs (the guitar player brought an acoustic) and made up a couple of silly songs on the spot. Not a very auspicious first gig, but it sure was memorable!
Hahaha! Great story :) I'd love to do something like that;
I think next year (when one of us has a car) me and my other band are going to go out camping and take acoustic guitars and bongos and stuff. A laptop, camera's etc. etc. so we can have a day out and fun! :)
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