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Default Re: Bands you're embarrased to say you like...

Another Linkin Park fan here. Huge into them when they first came on the scene; they put on a great live show. Wasn't embarrassed to like them until their Minutes to Midnight album. I have all their albums, but I've stopped going to concerts and at this point I don't think I'll buy another album until I've listened to it all the way through first. Still listen to their older stuff.

I liked Avenged Sevenfold for a while (I have three of their albums) but not so much anymore. Didn't pick up this last one. A lot of their stuff is metal music written like a song in a musical, which is fun for a while. I'll defend them when people bash them, but I'll also take 'em down a peg when people praise them. A lot of people seem to like their A7X.

The Used is another one I don't listen to a lot anymore, but I do own three of their albums.

I'm far more embarrassed of some CDs in my collection than bands I like. Blink 182, Marilyn Manson, Sum 41, Cypress Hill, Five Finger Death Punch, Hoobastank, Skillet, Evanescence... the list goes on. Of course there are a few of those where I knew they were bad purchases immediately, others took a few years.
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