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Default Re: Bands you're embarrased to say you like...

Originally Posted by diegobxr View Post
Oh, man, I felt I was going to feel relieved after some replies, but I don't. :(

Anyway, what the hell, I'll tell the truth. On my iTunes I have whole discographies of:

- Katy Perry
- Avril Lavigne
- Taylor Swift

OK I know!! I secretly enjoy pop music! I'm sorry, I guess I'll just take my stuff now and leave. :(


Then I listen to Paramore, Blink 182, No Doubt and stuff like that, but I don't feel embarrased of them. I think their drummers are great and they're cool bands overall.

Well, after this I think I can't be beaten (unless someone likes Justin Bieber, which would be great), LOL.

Well, I did once have a drum teacher tell me it's a good idea to listen to popular modern pop music so when you get hired for a session, you can reference the music that is selling. So you'll be familiar the drum beats, sounds and be able to keep up if the producer says "I want to make this sound like...."

Although I have to say, I've never been able to follow that advise very well. heh.
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