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Default Re: Some unfortunate things as a Teenager... READ!

Being a current father, and a former 15 year old, and based on everything I've read here, here's my advice to you Joey.

1. Forget about the drum set for awhile. Your drumkit is going to be a constant source of tension between you and your (i'm assuming) stepdad. If you are in posession of your kit, get it out of the house. Take it to a friends or something. If you don't have it, kiss his ass until you get it back, then get it out of there. I can see him literally destroying it in a rage. You don't want that. If you have another location to set it up, great, but if you spend all your time wherever your kit is, it will still cause problems at home.

2. Get a practice pad, the snare stand, and a throne, and quietly spend the next couple years at home developing your chops on a pad. You can also make a practice kick pedal. I'm still in the beginner stage, but I can play on that practice pad and kick pedal for hours and not bat an eyelash in the house.
I know its not the same as your kit, but you need to focus more on maintaining peace. And you will be still developing your chops in the meantime.
It may not feel like it now, but you have an entire lifetime to develop your craft.

3. Don't do anything crazy. Don't drop out of school, run away, or go all postal, or anything. You've only got a short time until you can get the hell out of there and never look back.
During this time though, develop a solid plan on how you are going to get out of there and make it on your own. Sleeping on a buddies couch is cool for about a month, then it gets real old, real quick. You need a real plan.

Good luck to you Joey

ps. Probably wouldn't make a difference, but if you purchased an at home drug test that proved you weren't on drugs, would that change any opinions or attitudes?
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