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Default Re: Your first gig experience.

When I was 17 my band jammed at our old school every Saturday. While we were jamming an old mate turned up and said they needed a band at the local pub for a wedding that night. As we were setting up my mate mentioned that he had told everyone that he was in our band. So we humoured him and let him sit in. (He was that drunk he had to sit down and luckily couldn't sing a note).
The guy that was getting married (to a local girl) was a in the navy so there were a lot of sailors there (the brides friends didn't know what hit them). Sailors love to drink so It was a wild night. Lucky for us the crowd really enjoyed the band and everybody had a great time. I remember an older lady kept on comming around behind the kit and asking me to play some Kenny Rodgers ( we were a rock band ) and I said I'm the drummer ask the singer ( I still use that one today ). It was a great first gig and made us realise that we were actually a good band. Maybe the alcohol made us sound better.
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