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Default Just back from my best gig yet!

About a week ago, I got asked to play a gig in a venue called the G2 in Glasgow, Scotland. We were up for it as it would be a great gig! Sadly, not alot of people came as it's Easter and a football (Soccer) game could cause riots (as my country is crazy). So we got there, got everything set up, soundchecked etc. etc. Not to mention we haven't practiced for 3 weeks and we weren't even nervous. So we played about 5 of our own songs (10 minutes of our own songs, yeah. They're that short) and then our usual covers of F*** You by Cee Lo & Offsprings All I Want. Our frontman also had the cold but he did a great job! We were all in time and we had a good stage presence. Also my mum and dad's first time seeing my band and they really enjoyed it (I was suprised...).
But then some guitarist yelled at me because he put his guitar infront of my snare so I had to lean over it. The guitar was in a hard-case and he said "See if my guitars broke I'll stick my foot through your drum!" I said "Ok"
Not to mention his guitar was less than 150 and my snare was about 200, and if he broke my cymbals his guitar would be somewhere that the sun don't shine.

Now if only my other band can get gigs....
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