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Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
This does appear to darken the wood quite a bit, as a stain does. The intent of this thread is to show drums that ave not been stained in any way and look as natural as possible. On the other hand, you have to treat the wood somehow to preserve it and I would think any oil, even a clear one, will darken the wood somehow.

I don't know much about woodworking/ What's the diference between an oil and a stain exactly? Does a stain protect and preserve the wood too?
No, a stain is just coloring, usually basically a watercolor or the same thing in an alcohol base. Oils seal and protect -- like tung oil, danish oil, linseed oil, teak oil, etc., and they will all have this kind of effect on wood, to a greater or lesser extent. Nothing terribly exotic, and used as finishes by themselves or with standard oil-based varnishes. Pretty much any time you look at fine furniture or cabinetry, that's what you're looking at. There are water-based finishes, most of which give a hazy blue cast to the wood. Sorry if I threw you off here, but this appearance change is perfectly normal and doesn't constitute re-coloring the wood. I'd venture to say that it has happened with almost every "natural" wood drum you've ever seen. If you saw a picture of any of the shells in this thread before they had a finish on them you'd see something radically different from the photos here. Raw wood isn't too exciting to look at -- just like in a lumber store. It's the finishing that makes it sing.

But if it helps, here's a basic steambent maple snare, with exactly the same finishing technique and materials. My guess is you'd accept this as a "natural" look.

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
I think natural wood calls for more exact building technique. You can't hide any boo-boos with stain.
Oh, and I'm not sure what sort of mistakes could be hidden with stain, but I don't sell drums with hidden mistakes. Just want to be clear about that. :) Even when I use stains, they're not there to hide anything.

And sorry -- didn't meant to hijack your thread with a discussion about finishing techniques -- only trying to respond to your doubts.
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