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Originally Posted by motleyh View Post
LOL - thanks, Dave.

Just for the record, I took this photo this today in the shop. This is another bubinga shell (this one is stave construction) as the oil blend sealer is first being applied. You can see from the applicator cloth there's no dye or stain involved. But when admiring beautiful wood products, be aware that even clear finishes can dramatically affect the appearance of the wood. How those basic finishing processes are formulated and applied is huge. Yeah, I use stain tricks sometimes, but I'll tell you when. The bubinga shell in this photo is getting exactly the same process as that waterfall bubinga did. (Shot this with flash, so there's also no question about the color of the lighting.)
This does appear to darken the wood quite a bit, as a stain does. The intent of this thread is to show drums that ave not been stained in any way and look as natural as possible. On the other hand, you have to treat the wood somehow to preserve it and I would think any oil, even a clear one, will darken the wood somehow.

I don't know much about woodworking/ What's the diference between an oil and a stain exactly? Does a stain protect and preserve the wood too?
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