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Default Re: Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

Couldn't get a top view because of my low ceiling and wide kit, so I had to do 2 photos:

(cymbals from left to right)

14" new beat hats (old, mid-90s)
6" B8 splash
6" B8 splash (i love the bell/chime sound of these, and they're cheap!)
14" A custom crash
18" Armand thin crash (matches my older 18" thin very nicely)
10" AAX splash (amazing shimmer)
18" A thin crash (old, mid-90s)
20" medium ride
15" A custom crash
18" XS20 china (very trashy, but low-volume)
22" zildjian ride (mid-80s)

(drums from left to right, all Sonor Delite 2006 sq. badge except alternate snare)
Force 3003 14" snare (Audix D2)
Delite 14" snare (Audix i5)
Delite 7x8 (EV 468)
Delite 8x10 (EV 468)
Delite 10x12 (EV 468)
Delite 12x14 (Audix D2)
Delite 14x16 (Audix D4)
Delite 18x22 no mount (Audix D6 outside, Shure beta91A inside)

*not pictured -- 1970s B/O Acro, Rode NT5 pair SDC

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