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Default Re: tap, tap, tap...

About, um ... many ... years ago my band was playing in the music room at my parents' place. One of my neighbours was bipolar and pretty flaky. Dad knocked on the door and said, there was a woman screaming outside.

So I walk out and there's this neighbour screaming and crying from over the fence (thankfully a tall brick wall). I made placating sounds like "Okay we'll stop. Sorry sorry sorry". Meanwhile the singer's telling her to chill out and that we're not doing anything wrong and I'm telling him to shut up, since I had to live next to this person.


Okay, it was after 10 and we got a bit carried away. I thought we were rocking pretty damn well but the audience wasn't so keen lol. Probably didn't help that I played a helluva lot back then - I guess it was just one tap too many and she cracked ... whoopsy.
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