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Default Your first gig experience.

This is like my 7th thread in the past two days but this is fun and it's awesome reading everyones experiences.
Anyways, I want to know what your first gig experience was.
My first PROPER gig was in January this year (almost two years from my last 'gig'. Which was a Battle Of The Bands).
It was in a small community centre and the stage was the size a table, if not slightly bigger. They had an uber crappy drum kit (Gears for music I believe). We were supporting a pop-punk band (who were like 2 years younger than me and the frontman of my band) so the gig started and I got set-up. So we started playing, I wasn't ever nervous at all, I was excited and couldn't wait. We opened with one of our own songs and instantly the crowd went insane and started mosh-pits and stuff. I was laughing the whole way through playing, and that was probably one of the best gigs I've played because I played all the songs perfectly. We then played Cee-Lo Greens "F*** You" and everyone was singing along, which was really funny then I did a drum solo and the frontman said "This is our new drummer Chris, you can tell that he's the next Dave Grohl. Who agrees?" And everyone screamed. So we went off the stage and the other bands drummer approached me and said "Your not a real drummer because you wear skinny jeans and you suck." I started laughing and said "Thanks." But he couldn't really criticise me, he couldn't play in time and stripped into his underwear, he was pretty bad.
And I came home, and had like 20 friend requests on Facebook leaded with "Your drumming is amazing" on my wall. Which I appreciated haha.
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