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Default Re: Some unfortunate things as a Teenager... READ!

Originally Posted by Joey182 View Post
My curfew is 9PM weekends, 6PM on weeknights (I get home at 4:45). I got my door taken away because I was trying to sleep and they thought I was on drugs for going to sleep (passing out in their minds) at 7PM.
I think he likes to "Show-off" for everyone, because when there is people around, he will just be like: "Ohh you want to go skateboard with your friend in the driveway huh? Well how about NO!? Now give me the skateboard." And I'll have it taken away for a week or so, for asking a simple question. The thing is that he will look and smile or laugh with his friend after he does this.
give it a couple of years, get your own place. Then you never have to talk to him again, and he'll spend the rest of his life wondering why you never give him a card at christmas...

Honestly, it might seem like a long time but once you hit 18, you'll wonder how it passed so quickly.
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