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Hello everyone:

I am not a fan of Slipknot, since I don't like nu-metal. I think it is just the typical current metal band, making use of rapping couple with screaming, distorted guitars with inaudible basslines, and one-dimensional drumming. I don't like Slipknot's persussion at all; there is simply too much going on. While no other metal band may have though of using more than one drummer, Slipknot doesn't do it well (they can probably perform better without the guys playing toms and beer kegs).

I think Joey is a simplistic drummer. He sticks to rudimental metal drumming, i.e. heavy snare use, double bassing, and fills spread out over 5 or more toms. Joey is not innovative to his style, and neither is Slipknot for that matter. Joey may be skilled at playing metal, but he is not a drummer who deserves respect from everyone. Speed does not necessarily mean the man has skill, and while Joey can indeed go fast (don't deny it -because he can), he has not brought anything new to the genre or to drumming. When he makes use of elements which are atypical to metal, like use of bongos and xylophones, more complex beats (like polyrhythms and hemiolas), then he should be commemorated. Until then Joey, adieu.

- Marc
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