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Default Re: Quitting Smoking

As has been said. The Play Back doesn't lie.
The main thing that is always affected by any kind of substance is timing.
Even coffee has given me trouble in the past.
I also tend to overplay if I use a combination of substances.
It just snowballs. You have a few beers, you add some smokes, you have some coffee, etc.
The next thing that you know, you are under the influence of several things that affect your playing and judgement.
I am working on drinking less coffee at work lately. I am doing my job better without it.
Caffeine is a powerful drug that is overlooked by many of us.

I am really having fun with my Self Improvement challenge.
I am learning things about myself that I never knew.
With less substances, I am more relaxed and thoughtful. I am more tolerant and considerate of others. People like me much better.
Everything about my life is better for me lately.
I used to start my day getting wired on nicotine and caffeine. I would then use nicotine and alcohol in the evening to try and level out. I was on a roller coaster.
I kind of like old drums:)

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