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Default Chris "Daddy" Dave is beast!

Hey, I'm fairly new here. Since the time when I first started playing drums I've moved from influence to influence. I probably started out just watching Buddy Rich and Neil Peart vids, but I honestly can't quite remember. I also used to watch a lot of street drummers because before I got my kit I would drum on buckets n paint cans; whatever I could find. I also used chopsticks for drum sticks, lol. That was long ago, however.
Anyhow, my point is that first I'm obsessed with this guy, then the next guy, then he gets old and there's a new guy.
My previous obsession was Thomas Pridgen.
And now I'm completely fixed on Chris Dave. Haven't moved on for a while now. He is honestly practically everything I've wanted to see from a drummer. He has a unique style, dynamics, creativity, musicality, technique, and hella chops. He plays a lot of simple beats but always trips things up in his own way and keeps the simplest of beats interesting. He is not very showy in solos and such, but I personally never cared much for stick tricks and flashy lights. Man, I just want the music. And Chris Dave gave that to me. Some of his stuff can be rather slow paced, but usually it captures my attention enough so i don't have to be patient, lol. Like some drum solos can get boring. His don't. If that makes sense.

Basically, you should check him out right now if you don't know him. Awesome drummer, awesome person! Nuff said.
You can play in 4/4? That's nice, now try playing in 15/8!
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