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Default Re: Stressing stuff in my life at the moment.

Originally Posted by GetAgrippa View Post
Bullying-The Song Remains the Same. Sad commentary that it is probably worst now than better. It is sort of like rock and scissors-you have to be rock. Part of growing up is figuring out who are real friends and the users. You should also think about why are they bullying-usually they are jealous or envious, or just have such a low opinion of themselves so they can only feel better about themselves at the cost of someone else. They can only bother you if you let them. Sounds like the guy is an ignorant psycho. I grew up with a bunch of ignorant psycho yahoos so I learned to survive without getting killed. I do have several close friends and one absolute best friend I would trust him with anything-love him like a brother. I consider myself very fortunate. I'd be rock -they will eventually give up bashing themselves on rock or just fail apart. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction they had any impact on me. Take the high ground and they will fall off the cliff trying to keep up. Regards GetAgrippa
Too right! Yes, he is a pyscho aswell as his brother. Thanks man!
Oh also, he was absent from school because of "suicidal depression" because a girl didn't like him anymore.
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