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Just thought I would give you an update. Well we had our gig and it went great. No better than great. It was awesome! It went so well. I learnt quite a bit as well (mainly that I am never going on stage without a towl again, holding onto my sticks was the hardiest thing I have ever had to do. Soooo sweaty. Also make sure I double check I have my stuff before I leave, I forgot the damn Cowbell!).

The guitarist had learnt all his bits. The whole thing was just...well tight. Perhaps it was just stress that made everything a bit bad for a while (his parents our having some problems I believe).

I'm still going to get our lead guitarist to have a word with him but I hope that this ends all the silliness. We were all so pumped after the gig. The audience rushed the stage to shake our hands and were actually demanding more songs even though we had just done our encore.

Sorry sounds like I'm bragging but well I guess I am a bit. Best gig ever.

Here is an extract if anyone is interested:

It's a mash up of Enter Sandman and Don't Stop Believing. The original song is by Rock Sugar. Well worth listening to if you have never heard it. Will mess your mind up so much.

Anyway thanks for all the advice.

(Oh and if you do watch it bare in mind that this singer was just a stand in. We lost our singer a month or so before the gig so the girl very nicely offered to stand in. Her first time ever on stage so was a bit nervous. She did a great job but I can't see us keeping her on for various reasons)
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