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Default Re: What types of music do you listen to?

There are exceptions, but I suppose in the simplest form I mostly listen to Rock, Metal, and Alternative. I listen to a lot, but here's a short list of artists that I listen to more often than others (and the bold even more than that).
Alice in Chains
Alien Ant Farm
The Bad Plus
Billy Talent
Coheed & Cambria
The Dead Weather
Foo Fighters
Lamb of God
Led Zeppelin
Queens of the Stone Age
Them Crooked Vultures
The White Stripes
I've seen a couple people mention Dillinger Escape Plan, and I've got tickets to see Deftones again here in a couple of weeks with Dillinger Escape Plan. Dillinger Escape Plan is a little more... metal-core? than what I usually like to listen to, but I picked up the Ire Works album and I don't hate it. Curious to see them play live, and SUPER excited to see Deftones headline a show; I've seen them as an opener twice.
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