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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by AJNystrom View Post
Hope all is well with you. I, for one, would be immensely interested in your translated journal (Google Translator only helps so much). Perhaps your notes on preparation, mindset, etc would be an asset to those of us aspiring to "break" into the business. Also, I'd be excited just to get your perspective of the whole ordeal. Congratulations on the invite, I'd say that's a huge nod of approval from the guys in Dream Theater and it will serve you well going forward.

Mr Castiglioni,
Can we please get a "Drummerworld Pro Drummer" tag for Mr. Wildoer?!

Hey AJ!

I'll post here when the journal is up on my website. May take some time depending on when the swedish magazine comes out. I guess they want it to be fairly unique to them. It has a lot about the mindset, preparation etc. Should be fun for drummers. :-)

Thanks for the kind words!

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