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Default Re: What types of music do you listen to?

Originally Posted by Duckenheimer View Post
Converge are spectacular. Saw them in France at the Hellfest festival and everyone flocked away from the main stage - was it Within Temptation up there? - to Converge's set only after the big C had gotten a few songs in. They were absolutely spectacular.

As pop goes I'm more of a Justin Timberlake, Divine Comedy, kinda guy here. I play an Alanis Morissette song in our set. It drives me nuts!!!

I have a big listening habit where I like a unified experience. Which is why I like whole albums, and I also want stuff to segue into each other. It's a really compulsive thing, I don't like throwing on bebop Miles after playing Bitches Brew. But I might throw on Blue Moods, which is a kind of dark and moody record from that bebop time period, and go from there to a more bebop thing, if I have the time.

That's a big part of listening for me. What I've just listened to determines where I go.
Better to play and listen to everything :)
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