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Default Re: What types of music do you listen to?

Originally Posted by Stalwart_Pandora-Chris View Post
Forgot to add Converge! Yeah I like older pop stuff like Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain etc. etc. Grew up listening to it :)
Converge are spectacular. Saw them in France at the Hellfest festival and everyone flocked away from the main stage - was it Within Temptation up there? - to Converge's set only after the big C had gotten a few songs in. They were absolutely spectacular.

As pop goes I'm more of a Justin Timberlake, Divine Comedy, kinda guy here. I play an Alanis Morissette song in our set. It drives me nuts!!!

I have a big listening habit where I like a unified experience. Which is why I like whole albums, and I also want stuff to segue into each other. It's a really compulsive thing, I don't like throwing on bebop Miles after playing Bitches Brew. But I might throw on Blue Moods, which is a kind of dark and moody record from that bebop time period, and go from there to a more bebop thing, if I have the time.

That's a big part of listening for me. What I've just listened to determines where I go.
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