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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by haroldo_psf View Post
you guys are all tripping. Of course it's a competition. It's a freaking job interview. What do you mean it's "not a competition"?

Also, in the midst of American Idols, Real World, and whatever other reality TV crap you can think of, that little video was highly entertaining in my opinion.

Are we interested in the band in question? CHECK!

Are we interested in the drummers in question? CHECK!

Are we interested in the music in question? F-ing CHECK!!!!!

So, what's wrong with them making that little piece of entertainment?

All you guys who are saying it's cheesy (which I agree, it is), although you will not admit, the obvious fact is that you WERE entertained by it. Period.

I think people are just annoyed with not knowing for sure who the drummer is, but come on. When I heard all the negative comments about the video I was expecting to see a bad American Idol episode. It wasn't. It was cool little segment of the audition process, with a porn star voice narrating it. What's wrong with that? (Ok, the porn voice might be over the edge, but you get the idea :)
I have to agree with you. It is just all entertainment. I really like the quote in your signature area. :)
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